Food & Wine

Truffles in Tuscany

Every year in November there is an intense and refined scent of truffle on the squares of the centre of San Miniato that involves all the sensesa famous Truffle Market has been held for 40 years. [row] [span8] It’s one of the typical national exhibitions and it’s a true festival of Tuscan flavours. San Miniato…
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Truffle and wine – Piemont

One of the most interesting areas of Italy for food and wine is the region Piemont. [row] [span8] The best truffle in the world is found in the town of Alba and the best Italian wines in the Langhe area! Discover the Piedmont region through this gastronomic and wine tasting tour. The city of Alba…
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Golf & Wine

Beautiful landscapes, vast natural parks and extraordinary towns rich in art and culture frame the various Golf Clubs in Tuscany. Today in Tuscany there are 15 official Golf Clubs, (nine 18 holes and six 9 holes). [row] [span8] You can access five of the most important ones: the Florence Golf Club Ugolino, founded in 1933…
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