About me


Tuscany awakens desire and curiosity. Magical landscapes, cities of art and local people make it an extraordinary travel and event destination.

I’ve been organizing tours and events all over Tuscany and Italy for more than fifteen years.

Me and my team have the capability to create amazing events wherever in Tuscany you may be.

We are defined by our highly personal and creative approach in tourism and event management.

The people involved in ToscaEvent are people who love travelling, love organizing, live in Tuscany, are Tuscan themselves or have become Tuscan. We have a network of highly qualified, licensed, creative and innovative professionals.

Our priority is to ensure that you experience a unique tour or event.

We are very aware of our responsibility and aim to ensure the following:

  • The sense of oneness with nature
  • A responsible attitude towards our cultural heritage
  • Respect for the needs of the local population
  • A long standing relationship with our partners

Welcome to Tuscany!

Dr. Petra Pforr