Florence Walking Tour

Florence is the city of magnificent churches, fascinating museums and buildings, but also the city of markets, typical restaurants of old times “trattorie”, fashion and gardens.

Centuries ago, Florence was the city of innovation, trade and finance, thus becoming one of the most important cities in Europe. Discover the highlights of the city by a walking tour! Here some suggestions for our classical tour.

The Cathedral “Santa Maria del Fiore": One of the biggest churches of the world with the amazing dome of Brunelleschi and Giotto's Campanile. An emotion of white, green and red marble.

Ponte Vecchio and the river Arno: The romantic and eldest bridge of Florence with all its jewelries. The longest river of Tuscany is called Arno and it crosses Florence and passes below Ponte Vecchio. Very romantic!

Piazza della Repubblica: This square was in ancient times the roman forum and restored completely in the 19th century. Nearby the vivid “Porcellino” market.

Piazza della Signoria: The political heart of the town in former times and still today a vivid square. An open air museum with famous sculptures such as Michelangelo’s “David” (copy) and Benvenuto Cellini's "Perseus", the town hall and the “Loggia” build in the Middle Ages.

The building of the Uffizi: One of the most magnificent and ambitious architectural undertakings in the Renaissance. The Uffizi Gallery is today the venue of one of the world’s most important museums.

Santa Croce and Santa Maria Novella: Two important and interesting churches in the historical center of Florence. The Basilica of Santa Croce is the largest Franciscan Church in Italy and inside you can find the tombs of Michelangelo and Galileo Galilee. The Dominican church of Santa Maria Novella with its facade is an unique masterpiece of Gothic and Renaissance.