Florence – The Renaissance

...Florence with all its works of art, offer the opportunity to experience unique tours both from a natural and cultural point of view. Florence is the world of The Medici Dynasty, the Renaissance and the great artists.

Centuries ago, Florence was the city of innovation, trade and finance, thus becoming one of the most important cities in Europe. Famous artists such as the architect Brunelleschi, the sculptor Donatello, the universal genius Michelangelo, Leonardo and Rafael worked for the Medici Family and the city of Florence. Still today we can admire nerly all their masterpieces. Rich and refined traders invested in the countryside by building villas, rich hunting manors, defensive castles and fortresses. Lots of vintage vines and numerous olive groves were planted and a rich variety of cereals were grown. The beauty of Florence and its surroundings is still intact and you may relive it following the paths of these places.

Florence and the Medici Dynasty: Have a look at the most important residences, monuments and masterpieces of art such as Palazzo Medici Riccardi, Palazzo della Signoria, Palazzo Pitti with the famous Boboli Garden and the Medici Chapels with the San Lorenzo Church. Also the famous building of the Uffizi with the Gallery and the Vasari Corridor is a highlight of our town.

The Medici Villas: In the countryside of Florence we can admire the lovely villas of the Medici with amazing parks such as “Villa Petraia”, “Villa Castello”, “Villa Poggio a Caiano” and “Villa di Cerreto Guidi”.

Michelangelo: Michelangelo lived for a long period of his life in Florence and still today we can admire his most important operas in our town. He was an architect, painter, sculptor and poet and worked specially for the Medici Family. Our visit will focus on the masterpieces of Michelangelo, his sculptures and architectures. The worldwide known “David”, icon of the Florentine Renaissance, in the Gallery of the Academy, as well as the “Prisoners”, the famous library in San Lorenzo church, the “Sagrestia Nuova” (New Sagresty) with the famous tombs of the Medici family, his operas when he was an adolescent in Casa Buonarroti and his sculptors in the Bargello museum. We have also one painting of him in our town the so-called “Tondo Pitty” in the Uffizi Gallery.

Renaissance Tour Highlights

Museums: The Uffizi Gallery - the most important and complete Italian painting gallery, Accademia - the first Accademy of Drawing, Bargello -museum for sculptures and one of the city's oldest public buildings

Churches: Santa Maria del Fiore - the dome, masterpiece of Brunelleschi, Santa Maria Novella - with the first painting of the Renaissance and the extraordinary fassade, San Lorenzo with the Medici Chapels, Santa Maria del Carmine with its famous Brancacci Chapel, Santa Croce - tombs of important people from the Renaissance

Important Renaissance Buildings: Ospedale degli Innocenti-Hospital of the Innocents, first examle of early Italian Renaissance architecture, Palazzo Medici-Riccardi, Palazzo Pitti, Palazzo Rucellai