The art of gardens in Tuscany

The gardens and parks in Tuscany are as unique as they are beautiful. During the Renaissance period wealthy traders, bankers and politicians such as the Strozzis, Medicis, Buonvisis or Chigis...

... had their farm properties beautifully embellished with magnificent gardens. The Boboli Gardens of Florence are definitely the most significant example. In the course of time, gardens change, are transformed and adapted to modern times and still they represent wonderful places where art and nature merge. We propose enchanting trails through northern and southern Tuscany to discover these remarkable and delightful gardens.


Discover a huge variety of Tuscan gardens: from the Italian style garden to the Baroque garden, and even from English style gardens to Liberty gardens

Walks in Lucchesia – around Villa Reale and Villa Torrigiani

A visit to the famous Medici Villas

Visit to one of the most famous nurseries in Europe, a producer of the ornamental citruses